Other Services

Other Services

Raiden Electric is not just an electrical company! With our staff's unique background and many years of experience, we can offer your business so much more.

Lean Manufacturing/ Six Sigma: Raiden has employees that are certified in Lean/Six Sigma. We can use those skills to help your company with Lean manufacturing equipment and process layout planning and execution. This includes all aspects of a successful action work out including layout functionality, safety leadership approval, and employee participation and buy-in.

Safety Audits: Here at Raiden, safety is our number one priority. Our staff has been involved in many VPP certifications and re-certifications, OSHA audits, and more. We can come in to audit your work spaces and give recommendations on fixes to make your workplace a safer environment. We can even design and implement these fixes for you so that your overall accident and illness rates that are reported to OSHA decrease for your business.
We can also preform third party safety audits to make sure you are prepared for OSHA or VPP certifications, and can assist you with any paperwork associated with these things.

Going Greener and Energy Management: Raiden Electric is skilled at performing energy auditing on your facility or home to see where you might be using power unnecessarily, or see where you could install upgrades to reduce power consumption. If you are like us, and like to understand exactly where your money is going, we can install a Curb Energy Management System that will monitor your energy usage down to the circuit! This is great for becoming more energy conscious and helping you save energy by managing your usage. We are also proud to be a Duke Energy Certified Trade Ally. We would be happy to preform energy audits on your home or facility, and work directly with Duke Energy to upgrade your facility and get you the best energy rebates possible. This will help you save money as well, and go greener for our environment!

Maintenance Contracts: Is your maintenance department short staffed and/or there is not enough long term demand to hire an additional head? Raiden can provide a skilled professional to work with your facilities department so they can get back to doing what they do best; keeping your business operating at full capacity. This can be done by the hour or can be done for longer periods of time at lower contracted rates and terms.

Preventative Maintenance: Does your business have a preventative maintenance plan in place? We can come in and develop a full preventative maintenance plan for your facility, from the ground up, and show you how preventative maintenance can save your bottom line. Or maybe you have one that needs a little boost or care? Raiden Electric can also provide staff that can take over the tedious operations associated with Preventative Maintenance of a facility and everything within, so your staff can focus on the core of your business. Let our expertise work to your benefit.

Check out our about us page to learn more about our background and experience, and call or email us today to find out more about what other services Raiden Electric can provide you. We are looking forward to bidding your next service contract and showing you how much you can save.