Solar Pergolas

Have you ever heard of a Solar Pergola?


Do you have an outdoor area that gets so hot that you don’t go outside as much as you would like? Or a patio that you would like to make into a functional space with some shade? If so, a Solar Pergola may be a great option for you. It is a stunning addition to any residential environment, plus you can make your own power with it!

Solar Pergola’s combine the great look of wooden Pergola’s with Solar Panels on top instead. Raiden Electric creates these custom pergolas to any outdoor area you have, so they can be for a large outdoor space or only cover a small patio. We use bi-facial solar panels on these pergolas, so you don’t only capture the energy from the sun on top, but also anything that gets reflected back underneath, therefore increasing your energy production! These pergolas also provide a nice covered, shady environment underneath so you can make your space functional with seating, tables, etc, while still staying cool and enjoying being outside. Check out our Photo Gallery to see our latest install!

We can work with any budget you have to give you the max return on your investment. Currently, in the Cincinnati/Dayton housing market, we are seeing that solar installs are increasing home values by an average of $3-$4 per watt. So, let’s say you install a 5,000 watt system, your home value could increase by $15,000 to $20,000. Also, through the tax year for 2019, the Federal government is offering a 30% tax credit of the total cost of the solar project back on your taxes. So if you want to put in a Solar Pergola that costs $15,000, you would get a $4,500 credit on your taxes.

Raiden Electric can also show you how much money on average you would save per year on your particular install before you decide to put it up. Give us a call to discuss the many options! If you are looking for something besides a Pergola, check here.