Industrial Electrical

Raiden Electric is proud to serve the industrial market with the following services.

Building/Business start up or upgrades: Let us help determine if your facility has the capacity to handle increased loads for new equipment, whether compressed air or power. We will then be able to recommend proper next steps to getting what you need.

New Equipment: Raiden can also help install and connect new equipment in your existing facility. Safety is our number one priority, and our employees always follow strict safety procedures to ensure new or moved equipment is disconnected and hooked up properly.

Installation of new service, and removal of old services: Not only can we determine proper loads and connect equipment, Raiden Electric can fully install new services in your facility and remove outdated ones.

LED Lighting Upgrades: Looking for ways to reduce your electrical costs? We can do a complete lighting upgrade on your facility. In some cases, this may even qualify for rebates from your energy provider. We can work with them to reduce the initial cost of these upgrades.

Green Energy Installs: Want to reduce peak use energy charges, or reduce your overall energy bills? We can design and install various solar systems for your facility. Refer to our Solar pages for more information!

IT Networking: Let the network professionals at Raiden Electric handle all your hardware installations so your IT department can get back to doing what they do best.

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