Solar Car Ports

Are you a business with a ton of parking space? Or are you an individual with a drive-way or other area that has cars or other items parked? If so, you many be interested in a Solar Car Port!


Solar Car Ports are exactly what they sound like: Solar Panels covering an area where a car or car-like item would be parked. Raiden Electric can help you utilize these spaces for a green energy project.

Some customers have Recreational Vehicles, camping trailers, or cars that are parked on their property. We take these spaces and build an open structure over them with solar panels on top. This is a great way to provide some protection to these items from the elements, while still producing power to cover energy bills.

Other customers, like businesses, have tons of space where vehicles are parked. We can take these rows of spaces and build a solar panel structure over them so that the parking space is still maximized, but you are producing power from the solar panels. This is a great option for commercial customers that have no green space, but might like covered parking, and to save money on their energy bills.

Solar Car Port*

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, contact us to see what we can do for you!

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