Solar Roof & Ground Mounts

Do you have a south facing area of roof that gets sun all day long, or an area of your yard that is unobstructed? If so, consider a solar roof or ground mount!


Solar Roof Mounts

Solar roof mounts are a great way to utilize some space to make your own power while keeping your yard open. For businesses, it’s a great way to cover energy costs without using valuable parking space or shipping/receiving space. Whether you have just a small portion of roof, or a large section, roof installations can accommodate any size space available. Visit our Photo Gallery to see recent roof installations that we have done.

Solar Ground Mounts

Solar ground mounts are a fantastic way to add solar and make enough power to cover your energy bills. They are great for anyone who has a lot of space in their yard, or for businesses that have empty green space that they want to utilize for their benefit. There are 2 types of solar ground mount options: Stationary, and tracking.

Stationary ground mounts are solar panels that are installed at a fixed angle facing the sun’s path, and are quite affordable. They can be only a few panels, or many panels. Check out our Photo Gallery to see what these are like.

Tracking ground mounts are usually a set of 42 solar panels that are installed in a square and set on a pole with a motor that allows them to track the sun as it moves through the sky, therefore optimizing your energy production. These are a bit more expensive to install but can utilize less space and produce more energy. Often you can use less solar panels, and get more out of it.

The cost of solar installs has dramatically decreased over the recent years, and it’s a great way to take money off of your energy bill. Contact us today to see what these type of solar mounts can do for you!