Raiden Electric is happy to provide services for customers in many areas. This Electrical Services page goes over the majority of electrical services that we provide for Commercial/Industrial and Residential customers. Please read to the bottom for the full list!

Commercial and Industrial Electrical

Preventative Maintenance

Does your business have a PM plan in place? We can come in and develop a full PM plan for your facility from the ground up. Let us show you how a PM plan can save your bottom line.

Or, do you have a PM plan that needs a little TLC, or dedicated staff to manage? Raiden Electric can provide staff and a maintenance contract to help you with the sometimes tedious operations associated with Preventative Maintenance so that you can get back to focusing on your core business. Let our expertise work to your benefit! 

LED Lighting Upgrades

Is the lighting in your facility looking dated? Are you looking for ways to save money? We can do a complete LED lighting upgrade on your facility. In some cases you may even quality for rebates from your energy provider. We can also provide a no out of pocket upgrade plan that doesn’t cost more that your current billing. Just ask us how!

Facility, Equipment, and Service Upgrades

Building upgrades:

Let us help determine if your facility has the capacity to handle increased loads for new equipment, whether compressed air or power. We will be able to recommend proper next steps to getting you what you need.


Raiden Electric can also help install and connect new equipment in your facility. We ensure that new or moved equipment is disconnected and hooked up properly.

Service installation and removal:

Not only can we determine proper loads and connect equipment, we can fully install new services and remove outdated ones.

Other Services

Green Energy Installs:

We can help you reduce peak energy use charges, and/or reduce your overall energy bills by designing and installing various solar and battery systems for your facility. Refer to our solar site for more information!

Electric Vehicle Charging:

We can install EV chargers on-site at your property! From one, to a whole bank of chargers, we can make it happen. If you are in the AES energy market, you may even qualify for significant money back on your install! Contact us now to find out more!

IT Networking:

Let us handle all your hardware installations so your IT department can get back to doing what they do best!


Looking for the right EV charger to go with your new EV purchase? Here are the ones that we recommend and install all the time!

ChargePoint Level 2 EV Charger

Why we like it?

  1. Allows charging up to 9x faster than a wall charger.
  2. It can draw up to 50amps to meet any car needs.
  3. Swivel head helps protect the charging head.
  4. Reliable with a long cord.

Morec Level 1 Fast Charger

Why we like it?

  1. Easy to take with you.
  2. 110/120V switchable, which is faster than a regular plug.
  3. Long charging cord.
  4. Perfect for Plug-in hybrids, or someone who doesn’t drive often.

Large Projects Residential Electrical

Service Upgrades

Do you need an upgrade to a 200 amp service or more? Have you run out of space in your panel? Looking to install a subpanel in a garage or shed? We can come in and upgrade your service!

Check below for a list of signs that you need a service upgrade!

New Builds and Additions

Raiden Electric can work with your builder or contractor to completely install electrical services to new home builds and additions, and customize the electrical to suit your practical needs.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Are you looking to purchase or have you already purchased an Electric Vehicle? Let the EV charging experts at Raiden Electric help you find the right solution for your charging needs! From high amperage plugs to Level 2 chargers, we can install it all.


From traditional rooftop solar to ground mounts and customized pergolas and carports, we can offer you a full green energy solar solution! Head to our Solar website to learn more!

Click above for our recommendation on a Home Energy Monitor.

Signs that you need your electrical service upgraded!

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Our Services:

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We are based out of Mason, OH, but service all of of the Cincinnati and Dayton metro areas, including but not limited to:

West Chester, OH. Liberty Township, OH. Hamilton, OH. Fairfield, OH. Oxford, OH. Monroe, OH. Middletown, OH. Springboro, OH. Lebanon, OH. Franklin, OH. Miamisburg, OH. Centerville, OH. Kings Mills, OH. Kenwood, OH. Blue Ash, OH. Symmes Township, OH. Montgomery, OH. Evendale, OH. Wyoming, OH. Mount Healthy, OH. Springdale, OH. Norwood, OH. College Hill, OH. Lockland, OH. Madeira, OH. Hyde Park, OH. Miamitown, OH. Morrow, OH. Kettering, OH. Bellbrook, OH. Loveland, OH. Ross, OH. Finneytown, OH. Landen, OH. Maineville, OH. Norwood, OH.

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